Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare and deliver a mobile App ?

Typically a personalized mobile App takes months to develop. The VEx process delivers a prototype App to you in a matter of days and a working branded App is delivered within 60 days. You have 24/7 visibility of the progress of your App.

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Would a VEx App be available in the Google and Apple Stores ?

Yes, once the end user approves the prototype App it would be published in the Google and Apple Stores.

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How would my App be found in the Apple Store or Google Play ?

Once you prominently display your Apps name in your business card, your website, your store front or any other promotional media you use, your App would be known to at least by your current customers. When your App is published in the Apple App Store or in Google Play, VEx Services uses key words that describe your business and make your App more likely to be found. Yet, the most effective way for your business to be found is to have presence in other Apps where you would feature your business. In this way your brand would appear in Apps sponsored by affinity groups, like the chamber of commerce, community development organizations, your shopping center and your business district. Appearing in Apps of similar business types creates traffic that you would not otherwise have. This is why businesses like auto dealers and furniture stores are often clustered in a particular area.  Presence in the world of mobility is a journey and the more often you appear the more likely you are to be found.

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What does it cost to develop and publish a personalized VEx mobile App ?

Costs vary depending on complexity and scale to the APP. The typical personalized App is delivered for a one-time fee of approximately $699.  A small ongoing monthly charge maintains your app and helps you make it more functional.

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How does VEx offer such competitive rates ?

VEx attributes its competitive pricing to its business model, its technical infrastructure and its efficient internal processes. For example, VEx is able to install Apps for affinity groups, like the chamber of commerce, with no upfront cost because it is able to spread such costs among the affinity groups members. The VEx technical infrastructure and internal processes, permit VEx to bring mobile App presence to virtually any enterprise quickly and at low cost.

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Does VEx provide on-going support once an App is installed ?

Yes. VEx partners with you in your mobile strategy and support needs. Your business may require continual updates to your product and service offerings, branding your enterprise and implementing effective promotions. You may require a particular service, such as, a chat respond center. You may even want to extend your mobile presence globally. VEx is prepared to support your mobile needs. We offer you the option to self direct your support or pay as you go support.

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May my enterprise have a mobile presence without having its own personalized mobile App?

Yes. An enterprise large or small may have presence in an affinity App without having a personalized branded App of their own. The opportunity to appear in Apps of establish organizations, like a chamber of commerce or a community economic development App is the most affordable and cost effective way to have presence in the mobile world.

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May I cancel my monthly subscription ?

Yes, you may cancel your monthly subscription without penalties effectively the end of any month. No partial refunds are issued. You may also freeze your subscription for up to six months and pay a reinstatement fee of $14.95.

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Would a VEx App interfere with my current App, website, social media or eCommerce presence ?

On the contrary a VEx App is inclusive and would work seamlessly with your current operations. Your VEx App may link to your existing website and reference your eCommerce websites.

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What if I wish to grow and expand my business to different geographical areas ?

VEx Apps know no boundaries or frontiers, barring the lack of cellular service or government restrictions. VEx Apps are scale able, thus allowing you to grow business volumes. You may easily replicate your App to different geographical areas.

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What are the worst case risks in installing VEx App ?

The most serious risk is that VEx services would no longer be available. This is an unlikely scenario since VEx fixed overhead is minimal and residual income from installed Apps provides a sufficient profit margin to cover overhead expenses. Reliability of VEx Apps is high with the mean time to failure measured in years. A client may cancel at the end of any month with no penalties.

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What are some of the functional differentiators of VEx App.

The combination of VEs functions, features and offerings are distinct, for example:

  • Instant chat with customers.
  • Notifications to customers on demand.
  • Change and refresh service and product daily or more frequently.
  • Private client and confidential information to special customers and allied companies.
  • Eliminate e-mail clutter and telephone tag.
  • Free customers from need of Internet searches.
  • No long and expensive development cycle.
  • No upfront costs for Chambers of Commerce
  • Small development fee of approximately $699 for all others.
  • Vis Apps are easily updated, scalable and adaptable to most businesses.

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