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Our Offerings

VEx Services constructs personalized branded mobile Apps for individuals and businesses in a unique way that allows delivery within 90 days at a fraction of the cost of a typical App. We accomplish this due to our uniquely developed infrastructure of software systems which are transforming the industry. Our support processes are second to none and our business model affords us the flexibility to provide mobile Apps utilizing a revenue sharing arrangement to affinity groups, like chambers of commerce, economic development offices, tourist bureaus, social and religious organizations and business districts. The goal is to promote these established organizations with the related business members and participants, offering them prominent placement and access to a large population associated with the group. For businesses and profit making organizations, we offer a uniquely designed mobile app and outstanding business proposition including:
  • Mobile solutions to align with your business strategy. A low cost solution for businesses to promote themselves.
  • An affordable option for businesses to have a personalized branded App.
  • A customer prototype App within two weeks.
  • A functional and interactively capable App within 90 days.
  • 24/7 visibility by customer of Apps construction progress.
  • Optional customer participation in App construction progress.
  • No disruption to customer’s core business.
  • No limits to your mobile presence - VEx Services creates mobile opportunities.
  • Continual support of your mobile needs.
  • A proven software system for secure and confidential Private App construction.
  • Trained technical and administration associates.
  • A defined and repeatable process to support customers at minimal cost.
  • A library of demonstration ready Apps for various types of business.
  • A VEx Services informational website.
NEW!! And the most remarkable feature.
  • Instant notifications and customer chat function.
  • You will have the functionality to chat in a real-time environment with app users!


Something for everyone.

Whether you operate a business from home or are a fortune 500 company a VEs App would work for you. VEs makes mobility presence affordable to almost any enterprise and adaptable no matter the size.


The VEs Options.

  • Starter Plan: A single classified advertisement in a shopping center or chamber of commerce App.
  • Single App Plan: Create your own white label personalized App.
  • Shopping Center or Community Affinity Plan: An App for a community or business alliance.
  • National Brand Plan: Presence in every community and chamber of commerce in the country.

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